Quaint charm
Hill Station at Casa Vallejo offers a variety of delicious cuisines, including continental breakfasts, Asian dishes and Filipino favorites.
Try the delicious paella negra, the amazingly soft beef dishes, or the nicely cooked coriander chicken. For dessert, chocolate lovers should order the house bestseller Death by Chocolate, while ice cream lovers should go for the cute ice cream palette that showcases five custom-made flavors.

The place boasts an elegant fine-dining atmosphere since it is enconced in an old rest house used by the military during the American occupation. The restaurant is spacious and its wooden furniture exudes an old-world charm that Baguio City is known for. If you are a history buff, have a chat with the waiters – the older ones know their share of the place’s origins.Do not forget to place your reservations ahead as it can get very busy during holidays and long weekends.

Casa Vallejo, Upper Session Road,
Baguio City
(+63 74) 423-9100

Cozy hangout
Located in the upper part of Ambuklao Road, Arca’s Yard is a lovely café museum that provides a splendid view of the mountainside and serves as a cozy hangout for small groups. Aside from books in the attic and sungka boards on the tables, owner Ninja Sabado also displays paintings and handicrafts for fellow art enthusiasts to reflect upon.
The best place to sit depends on your preference – it can be near the balcony to admire the panorama outside, or on the second floor to chill out with friends. This is also the perfect place to stop by for dessert, as they serve the best pastry in Baguio – camote (sweet potato) pie. Despite the unusual main ingredient, it it is delightfully sweet and healthier than other desserts. Order herbed teas to balance out the sweetness and complete the refreshing experience. Although Arca’s Yard is 20 to 30 minutes away from the city center – depending on the traffic – the food and ambience definitely makes it worth
the drive.

777 Tiptop, Ambuklao Road, Baguio City
(+63 922) 825-1880

Fresh fare
If you find yourself craving for Japanese fare, then head for Chaya Restaurant. But don’t forget to book in advance as it’s usually full house during meal times.

The establishment is housed in a beautiful, spacious, circa-1950s bungalow and the food is consistently excellent. The sashimi is fresh; the sukiyaki is cooked to perfection; and the tempura is satisfyingly crispy. You should also order their temaki sushi, which is served with a small plate of seaweed and a large variety of raw fish so that you can roll your own sushi, which makes eating the item a lot more enjoyable. Of course, Japanese food goes well with hot tea, which is available in flavors like the traditional green tea, mint tea or lemongrass. To round up the dining experience, management offers a small, complimentary bowl of ice cream after each meal.

72 Legarda Road, Baguio City
(+63 74) 424 4726

Rustic dining
Finding Forest House Bistro and Cafe is easy as it is situated along Loakan Road, between the city center and Camp John Hay. Its bestseller is the Ilocano bagnet, good for a group and served with rice and vegetables. The meats served here are also very tender, and their soups well-plated and savory. Their desserts are also commendable and an absolute treat for those who have a craving
for sweets.

The restaurant may look fancy, but it still manages to exude a warm and cozy vibe that makes it the ideal venue for romantic dates, friendly gatherings or family outings. The best place to dine is on the balcony, where the breathtaking sight of pine trees and feel of bracing mountain air add to the ambience. But avoid sitting here at night if you cannot bear the cold!

6 Loakan Road, Baguio City
(+63 74) 447-0459

Iconic cafe
One of Baguio’s most popular establishments, Café by the Ruins has bloomed from its humble beginnings to be the local café that tops visitors’ lists. Whether you order the freshly baked breads, organic salad, tasty, shredded tapa, or flavorful, native pinikpikan (smoky chicken stew), you’re sure to enjoy each serving. The dining experience is further enhanced by the artsy Cordillera-style interiors, incorporating both natural and cultural elements such as the bamboo panelling and indoor foliage, as well as the large dap-ay (native gathering place) in the main dining room.

If you want to avoid the long queues the place is known for, especially on weekends, plan to arrive around 10 a.m. for the lunch seating. But should waiting prove too stressful, try instead Café by the Ruins Dua, the restaurant’s second branch on Upper Session Road. While the vibe here is more modern, enhanced by funky lighting installations, the menu remains the same.

25 Chuntug St., Baguio City
(+63 74) 442-4010

Upper Session Road, Baguio City
(+63 74) 442 4010

Affordable Italian
In past years, Baguio has boasted a good selection of Italian restaurants, and Vizco’s Restaurant and Cake Shop is an underrated and less pricey example that deserves a spot on any visitor’s list. Famous for its Strawberry Shortcake (see Travel opener page) and mango tart, its other notable selections include the tomato- and pesto-sauce pastas. Located right on Session Road, Vizco’s is not difficult to find and has a tendency to fill up fast as the dining area is quite small. The good thing is, while waiting for your table, you can pass the time, strolling up and down the city’s premier street.

Ground floor, Puso ng Baguio Bldg.
Session Road, Baguio City
(+63 74) 446-7082

Just like home
This hole-in-the-wall doesn’t seem much at first, but don’t let appearances fool you. Chef’s Home has a warm ambiance and the predominantly Asian menu is irresistible. Try the crispy grouper skin salad or the papaya salad, squid with salted egg, hot tom yum soup and beef rendang. For dessert, go for the amazing roti with banana and chocolate sauce. Malaysian Chef Alvin, whose wife Gina hails from La Union, adapted beloved, regional favorites to the Filipino taste.

With a small-sized dining room, the couple make it a point to interact with guests, which adds to the intimate atmosphere and feeling that you are dining at home and not in a restaurant.

13 Outlook Drive, Baguio City
(+63 916) 444-5756

Cheap and cheerful
Judging by the crowds at Good Taste, this institution in the heart of the city continues to attract both locals and visitors alike. And no wonder. Servings here – including the rice and pitchers of iced tea – are not only gigantic but reasonably priced too. Their bestseller is the buttered chicken, while other must try dishes include the lechon kawali, a variety of hot soups and steamed vegetables. Space is not a problem in this establishment, which occupies a number of floors. Whether you are eating solo or a couple or a busload, Good Taste will always accommodate a clientele yearning for more bang for their buck.

Otek Cor. Carino St., Baguio City
(+63 74) 444-2201