Serving freshness for over half a century

Once upon a time, Lulu Campos-Abreu started a hobby by baking sweets for family and friends. Sunny Bakeshop was born, a little store along Dian Street in Makati with shelves stocked with mini cinammon rolls, hand-rolled ensaymadas, shortbread-like Vienna wafers, toffee sansrival and the all-time customer-favorite frozen mango tarts.The year was 1960.

There weren’t many bakeshops around. The store thrived under the patronage of surrounding villages and neighboring institutions like the International School. More than 50 years later, Sunny Bakeshop has kept its loyal following of customers stretching three generations down. Abreu, who passed on, handed Sunny Bakeshop’s legacy of artisan-quality baked goods to her daughter, Carla Abreu-Lim. “Many of our clients are still the same ones from 50 years ago: the lolas, mothers, and now their children,” Abreu-Lim says.

The secret to longevity, Abreu-Lim says, is maintaining the quality of Sunny’s age-old classics while experimenting on new and exciting ingredients.

Whenever feasible, Abreu-Lim prefers to make use of non-commercial ingredients produced by family or friends. “We have mini ensaymadas with homemade chorizo from my cousin-in-law. Hence, the name chorimada which is sold in boxes of six so it is not too expensive.” There are also tasty chorizo rolls and nine-inch Pecorino cheese sticks that are good for cocktails. Lim substituted ham for her mother’s original spam roll. She says, “I replaced the SPAM with ham, but our customers clamored for the old version so we brought it back.”

Abreu-Lim also likes to develop new flavors and combinations. Her recent offering is roasted kasuy flavored with either sweet chili salt, dill or kaffir, grown in her backyard. Other innovations are cream puffs, mango tartlets and Vienna wafers.

Sunny Bakeshop also gives back through sustainable efforts such as sourcing out locally produced raw materials like their supply of cashew nuts from three barangays in El Nido, Palawan. Abreu-Lim says, “We are supporting the El Nido Foundation’s livelihood project for the women cashew processors. The relationship has turned out to be mutually beneficial for both parties.”

Today, new and old patrons alike can find Sunny Bakeshop’s goodies at the Corinthian Garden Clubhouse on Don Vicente Rufino Ave., or at various pop-up bazaars all over the Metro. Deliveries are also possible even as far as Alabang in the south for a minimum volume order.

In Sunny Bakeshop, Abreu-Lim keeps the spirit of her mother alive by serving freshly baked goods flavored with fragrant and warm memories from the past.

Call (+632) 631-1352 or (+632) 777-9607, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Click www.sunnybakeshop.com