Travel provides an education like no other.

The Museo Pambata recently partnered with European Union (EU) member countries to prove just that in the“Lakbayin Natin ang EU” program.

For the seventh year running, children from various Metro Manila barangays “visited the EU” through storytelling, art workshops, games and other fun activities.
Festival participants included EU cultural counselors, 116 youngsters and 35 student-volunteers from the University of the Philippines’ Euro-Filipino Understanding and Relations Organization.
At the various stations set up to represent an EU member country, the children received glimpses of the EU experience.

They were introduced to the Czech Republic through a slideshow and learned to say a few Czech words from a song-and-dance act. They were transported to Germany via a storytelling session and food demonstration where they learned the art of baking Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte (Black Forest cake).
They got to know a bit about Austria through its famous personalities and by dabbling in an art session as well as playing a card-pairing game. At the Spanish booth, they picked up some Spanish phrases and drew their impressions of Spanish cities. They learned how to count in Italian and play a game similar to “Chinese garter” that Filipino kids are familiar with.
By touring the stations, the children were able to get their activity “passports” stamped. Finally, they gathered at the Karapatan Hall to watch the Bayanihan, the Philippine National Folk Dance Company, perform, and then join in a special dance tutorial.
This year’s event included EU members Austria, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK and cultural institutions such as the Philippine Italian Association, British Council and the Goethe Institut-Manila.
“Lakbayin Natin ang EU” is part of the Viva Europa 2015 cultural festival, which aims to celebrate the founding of the EU and showcase the best of its arts, music, dance, film, poetry and languages.